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Maintenance and Durability

We all want something that looks attractive that we don't constantly have to keep up. We have enough things in our life to handle, adding one more is not necessary. So why should one select an aluminum product? Why not use wood? It's cheaper. Or steel? It's stronger.

Wood rots over time. It splinters. Paint chips, making it look cheap over time. Not to mention the swarms of bumblebees, termites, and other insects it attracts. Using wood becomes quite costly over time with maintenance, especially costly of your time. As well as in the long run, having to remodel when wood has deteriorated.

Steel does last a long time, but when it starts to rust, attractiveness goes right out the window! Steel also has an abrasive look, it is unwelcoming. Though they come in different colors, it scratches easily and touch up paint is a must. Steel may be strongest but is in no way attractive.

Aluminum never rusts or rots. Aluminum has a baked on enamel finish that doesn't chip or scratch off. It has a clean look that comes in several colors. You will never have to paint aluminum and you will never have to repair aluminum from deterioration. When it comes to little maintenance, aluminum is number one. When it comes to durability knowing that your aluminum product will still last 50 years from now its quite impressive.

Wood       Steel           Aluminum
Worst       Medium       Best


  • Available in several colors with baked-on finish
  • Versatile, customized units that will fit virtually every size requirement
  • Low-maintenance
  • Adds value to your home
  • Adds value to outdoor living space or dry storage area
  • Provides attractive coverage from exposure to the elements